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> acquires literature, which otherwise would not be available in Germany

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Here you can find a website of the Petőfi Literary Museum (PIM) with information about the novel "A Pál utcai fiúk" and the author Ferenc Molnár. You can also see the locations in Budapest that appear in the novel.

And of course we have the novel in the GUK for you to read: In Hungarian, German, English, Estonian, Finnish and Italian.


New Open Access Books in the GUK:

Suodenjoki, Sami et al.: Lannistumaton. Matti Kurikan haaveet ja haaksirikot kolmella mantereella

Lehtimäki, Markku: Sofi Oksasen romaanitaide. Kertomus, etiikka, retoriikka

Nykänen, Tapio: Lapin ihminen

Albert, Gábor: Zenebona Erdélyben

Szőcs, Géza: Párbaj

Tatay, Sándor: Hét szűk évtized

and many more



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