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> acquires literature, which otherwise would not be available in Germany

> provides access to specialist information

licenses hitherto in Germany not distributed electronic media

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The Kvensk Institute offers a free beginners course for Kven language. No previous knowledge is necessary. Registration deadline is August 21st. More information here.


A new issue of the journal Tahiti – taidehistoria tieteenäis out now.



On the IFUSCO website you can find the abstracts of the upcoming presentations. More than 60 pages are filled with interesting topics of the Finno-Ugristics.


There is a new issue of "Финно-угорский мир. Finno-Ugric World". Including articles about language nests, identity change, support of the ethnic identity and more. They are about the Inari-Sami, Komi, Karelians, Mordovians, Mari and the peoples in Yugra.


The new issue of the literary journal AVAIN contains articles about the topic archive, Elias Lönnrot, Eino Leino and more.


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