COPIUS – "Community of Practice in Uralic Studies" 

"COPIUS is a strategic partnership funded by Erasmus+ established by nine European universities that constitutes a community of practice within the discipline of Uralic (Finno-Ugric) Studies. Our field covers both European nation-state languages (Hungarian, Finnish, Estonian) and a broad spectrum of endangered (minority) languages spoken in diverse multilingual communities." [Self-description] 

Digital Access to Sámi Heritage Archives

"A multi-disciplinary collaboration project Digital Access to the Sámi Heritage Archives working towards the goal of improving accessibility to the Sámi Cultural heritage" [Self-description]

Ingria and Ingrians – recording histories, preserving memories

"The Ingria and Ingrians – recording histories, preserving memories project (2018–2020) is an archiving and cultural memory organisation project which promotes the acquisition, availability and usability of materials. The cooperation project is implemented by the National Archives of Finland, the cultural foundation Inkeriläisten sivistyssäätiö and the Finnish Literature Society (SKS)." [Self-description]

Knowledge Archive

"The Knowledge Archive [...] contains different publications of methodology, educational materials of available courses, findings of own research, lectures of conferences and case studies presenting national and international best practices. All the items of the Knowledge Archive [Abstracts of professional materials; Hungarian full text versions of professional materials] are downloadable free of charge after registration." [Self-description]

MaNDA – Hungarian National Digital Archive

MaNDA provides freely accessible digital copies of images and documents from various Hungarian partner institutions such as libraries, museums and archives for download. 

OSZK Webarchívum

"The initial idea about creating a web archive at the National Széchényi Library (NSZL) appeared in 2006, and then the obligation to create such a collection has become a part of the regulation of acquisition rules in 2015." [...] "The main aim of the NSZL Web Archive is to offer a representative overview about online contents intended to the Hungarian public or related to Hungary as a part of our cultural heritage." [Self-description: National Széchényi Library]

Sami Bibliography

"The Sami bibliography is a joint project between the National library of Norway, the Sami special library at the Rovaniemi City Library, the Murmansk State Regional Universal Scientific Library, and Ájtte, Swedish Mountain- and Sami museum." [Self-description]

Southernmost Finnic Prosody Project

"The Southernmost Finnic Prosody Project [...] aims to generate a comprehensive description of the prosodic structures of the Southernmost Finnic languages in their areal context. Realisation of complex prosodic phenomena – quantity alternations, tonal contrasts, and intonation – will be observed on different linguistic levels." [Self-description]