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Dictionaries and Databases 

"The [EKI] Institute’s digital language collections include ca 70 dictionaries and databases, containing ca 1.5 million lexical entries in total." [Self-description] 

Estonian Writers' Online Dictionary  

The Estonian Writers' Online Dictionary was made by the University of Tartu and contains information about estonian authors plus bibliographical data.

Sõnaveeb [Wordweb] 

Sõnaveeb is a language portal of the Institute of the Estonian Language and contains information about vocabulary and also databases.



Bibliotheca Corvina Virtualis 

The Bibliotheca Corvina Virtualis is a service of the National Széchényi Library and serves as a virtual reconstruction of Bibliotheca Corvina, the Royal Library of King Matthias Hunyadi of Hungary.

Digital Library of Hungarian Studies

The International Association for Hungarian Studies maintains the Digital Library of Hungarian Studies, that serves as a collection and bibliography.

Hungarian Electronic Library 

The Hungarian Electronic Library belongs to the National Széchényi Library and provides open access full text works.

Hungaricana – Cultural Heritage Portal

Hungaricana is operated by the Library of Parliament Hungary and aims to make the holdings of archives, museums and libraries accessible online.


Uralic Languages


The etymological database of the Saami languages Álgu is a service of the Institute for the Languages of Finland (Kotus).

Uralic Areal Typology Online

"Uralic Areal Typology Online comprises at the moment UraTyp - a typological database with 360 features mainly on morphology, syntax, and phonology collected from 35 Uralic languages/language varieties. The database grew out from the cooperation with the Grambank team who set out to collect data from about half of the world's languages. The goal of building the UraTyp database was to create a family-specific database. […] The UraTyp database is the first comprehensive database that presents comparative structural data on the Uralic language family from all its branches." [Self-description]

Uralic Historical Atlas [URHIA]

"Uralic Historical Atlas is open access spatial data platforms, serving multidisciplinary studies of the human past. They bring together spatial data of e.g. language speaker areas, archaeological findings, typology, genetic patterns, vegetation zones, topography, glacial history and post-glacial climate. The platforms enable users to view spatial data, combine and compare thematic data on the interactive map and download data files." [Self-description]

Works about proverbs 

The Open Data and Linked Data Service of the National Library of Finland provides links to works about proverbs.