The Specialised Information Service for Finno-Ugric / Uralic Languages, Literatures and Cultures (FID FINNUG) provides central access to academic literature and information regarding Finno-Ugrian / Uralic Studies, Finnish and Hungarian Studies as well as the research of the regions Finland and Hungary. Read more >


> acquires literature, which otherwise would not be available in Germany

> provides access to specialist information

licenses hitherto in Germany not distributed electronic media

> gives you the opportunity to submit acquisition proposals

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The service Copia – Digitalizált Kéziratok by the National Széchényi Library added the manuscripts of Sándor Petőfi. Also available are the manuscripts of Ferenc Kölcsey and Mihály Babits.


Out now: The new issue of Linguistica Uralica. E.g. with articles to the livonian jussive, the passive in Kazym Khanty and a memorial dedicated to the finno-ugrist Tiit-Rein Viitso (1938–2022).


New issues of the journals Magyar NyelvőrHITEL - Irodalmi, társodalmi és művészheti folyóírat, KortársEzredvég and Journal of Uralic Linguistics. Approaches to Hungarian are available online.


The University of Tartu has developed a machine translator to 23 Finno-Ugric languages and 6 non-Finno-Ugric languages. More information here.


New issues of the journals Ennen ja nyt and Historisk Tidskrift för Finland are now available online.


It's the third month of the finno-ugric reading challenge and the third category is a book that was published 2022. For example the following: Virág Erdős: KönnyeiOlli Jalonen: Stalker-vuodet; Paavo Matsin: Lenini valss.


The community-based photo archive Fortepan offers more than 170 000 photos from 1900 until 1990 to browse and download for free.


A new issue of Puhe ja kieli is now available online.


The third part of the virtual exhibition "Bridges Beyond Light" about the European Capitals of Culture 2023 is now online: You can learn many facts and stories about Veszprém, e.g. why the city is called "The City of Queens".


The website of the international students' conference IFUSCO XXXVIII is now online. Students can register until 31st of March to participate in the conference taking place in Turku, Finland, from 15th to 18th of May.


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